The Importance of Ground Defense

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Ground Fighting is one of the most dangerous aspects of self defense. According to common crime statistics and police reports, between 80-90 percent of fights end up on the ground. That’s where Luminous Warrior’s self defense training comes in. No matter which self defense system you practice, most effective training systems teach people how to keep their distance, maintain balance, kick, punch, and do whatever it takes to stay alive and get home safe when faced with a threatening situation.

In ground fighting, the main focus stays the same: stay alive and get home safe, but there is one major difference. Getting back to your feet is a MUST if you want to be able to achieve that goal. Continuing to fight on the ground during an attack is an extremely dangerous scenario. The attacker could have an accomplice, have weapons, and you are in a completely unknown and uncontrolled environment. Getting back to your feet is a critical component if you want to continue the fight to defend yourself or run to a safe location.   

At Luminous Warrior, the ground defense program has a unique approach to getting back to your feet. Utilizing specific and effective tactics developed with a self defense focus, the Luminous Warrior Ground Defense Program is based on the Fit-to-Fight ”From The Ground Up” (FTGU) curriculum.  FTGU gives you effective and quick methods to defend yourself and get back to your feet from numerous adverse scenarios. It is an essential component to bring into your training if you are serious about learning to defend yourself effectively. Luminous Warrior is excited to be an official training center of Fit To Fight’s From The Ground Up ground fighting program in the Washington DC area.  



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