The Great Alignment…

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As most of you know, it is not enough for a warrior to develop only the body. The warrior also needs to develop the mind and spirit to be at the peak of performance and aligned with purpose! I recently came across a writing from one of my teachers and thought it would be worth sharing:


“We perpetuate our personal and cultural nightmares when we do not recognize our role in co-creating reality. Our subconscious beliefs, which are often rooted in fear, create self-fulfilling prophecies. The universe is always projecting back to us the condition of our love, our vision, our intent and this feedback allows us to continue to edit what we are choosing to create … It is important that we put our intent and visioning into “seeing” what we want for ourselves, our loved ones and for the world … With courage to look deeply, letting go of the outcome and connecting with all of creation, you will be seeing and dreaming with integrity…With practice and awareness you can sit with the Divine as you become a visionary for the world, creating a world of peace, laughter, joy and love.”

With the great planetary alignment of 2012, NOW is a great time to finally make the Shift for yourself and live a purposefully inspired life. I am thrilled to be offering 4 powerful events at Luminous Warrior that will assist you in your own Great Alignment, allowing you to become a powerful visionary for the world, manifesting with purpose, power and integrity…


October 28-30, 2011: The Great Rites Retreat

The gifts of enlightenment flow through the 9 Great Rites called the Munay-Ki. Each rite is an energetic transmission that brings multifaceted gifts and transformative power. Learn how to tap into this power and share it with others! Click here for more.

November 11, 2011: Great Alignment Journey

11-11-11 marks an ascension gateway for all of humanity. It means that we have a great opportunity to align with higher states of consciousness and utilize these new perceptual states to manifest peace, harmony and healing all around us. Join me as I facilitate this 2-hour night journey! Register here.

December 11, 2011: Unlocking The Brain

Tapping into specific parts of the brain is an essential component in raising our consciousness. Did you know that only 2% of essential oils are designed for powerful therapeutic purposes?  Learn about the 4 brains, and how therapeutic grade essential oils can heal old traumatic imprints in the brain and help us tap into enhanced states of consciousness. Register here.

2012: Path Of Power Program

The PATH OF POWER Program takes you on an unprecedented journey of self-discovery and personal power. It is an effective, substantive, practical and rigorous journey that taps into the ancient wisdom of the Shamanic and Native traditions, and merges them with modern science to give you practical and useful ways to align your life with your purpose, live more consciously aligned with your divine mission, and make a positive impact on the world at large. The POP Program is intended for courageous individuals who are ready to lead the way ahead into our new world with power, purpose, integrity and passion. Read more here.

Ongoing Support: Munay-Ki Graduates, Path Of Power Graduates, Medicine Wheel Graduates, Full Mesa Carriers, and Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioners

Every Friday we sit in circle to heal our own shadow and to dream the world into being. This is a weekly, 2-hour class that only advanced practitioners can participate in. If you are interested to take part in this powerful Shamanic Healing Circle, email me.


“Any of us can access the power of intent: what’s difficult is to learn how to use it wisely.”

– Alberto Villoldo

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