Luminous Warrior Camp

A retreat for the Luminous Warrior Tribe on Sacred Land to deeply immerse our mind, body, emotions and spirit in healing, transforming and empowering our personal and collective lives.


About the Camp

It is powerful to spend a few days in sacred community. It can offer us ideas, insights, and inspiration into how we can navigate our way forward, how we can make desirable changes in our lives. It can also help us in offering new choices to create a life that is more true to who we are inside.

About the Location

The lands and locations we choose for this retreat offer a powerful and sacred environment for our Camp. We will be able to train outside, use many altars and sacred spaces on the land, as well as work with the labyrinths and crystals that are attuned to the Earth’s vibration. We will also have a fireplace for our evening ceremonies.

The accommodations we choose are affordable and options to sleep in dormitory or cabin style are typically available. For the more adventurous folks, camping is available as well.

Come gather with us in a Sacred Space where we will be held safely and powerfully to do our work!


Outline of events:

Our agenda is flowing and in alignment with who shows up and the energies present each day. Please use the outline below as a guideline. Our time together will be more powerful if we allow for flow and alignment with the earthly and celestial energies present.

Day 1 (Thursday):
Plan to arrive in the afternoon. We begin at 6pm with introductions, which will be followed by a dinner break. Bring your groceries and cook it there or share potluck-style with others in our Tribe.

At 8pm, we will hold an Opening Fire Ceremony to initiate our journey and leave behind that which no longer serves us.

Day 2 & Day 3 (Friday & Saturday):
We follow with 2 full days of movement, meditation, ceremony and personal empowerment work.

A rough outline is below:

  • 6:00am | Dream Sharing (optional)
  • 7:00am | Warrior Fusion Movement
  • 8:00am | Breakfast Break
  • 9:00am | Path of Power Teaching Segment
  • 12:00pm | Lunch & Outdoor Activities
  • 2:00pm | Group Sharing & Sacred Work
  • 4:00pm | Self Defense Training
  • 6:00pm | Dinner & Break
  • 8:00pm | Fire Ceremony & Soul Purpose Activation

Day 4 (Sunday):
This is the last day of our time together and the focus will be on integration and next steps for our lives. We begin with Dream Sharing, Movement and Meditation, as usual.

We come together in the Tribe to outline next steps, and make sure that we know what we might expect when we return and integrate our experiences into our daily lives. We will close around 3pm.

You can feel free to stay at the location for additional integration time, or make your way home if you desire.


Whether you are new to Luminous Warrior or experienced in self defense or energy medicine, we invite you to attend this powerful and sacred retreat.