Self Defense Coaching

Our Self Defense Coaching is tailored and customized to address scenarios that are relevant for a specific group or family. We cover a wide variety of topics in self defense coaching.

For beginners, families and those interested in deescalation and avoidance techniques, we focus on:

  • Building internal and external awareness for threat detection
  • De-escalation and avoidance techniques
  • Safety plan development
  • Risk reduction in the home, at work, or when commuting
  • Physical empowerment training
  • Low impact avoidance, escape and de-escalation techniques

For those already experienced and practicing self defense, we focus on:

  • Refining self defense and fighting techniques
  • Belt or level test preparation
  • Scenario-based training for environments and circumstances that are most relevant

For those who have experienced trauma, we focus on:

  • Physical self defense tools that dislodge the psycho-somatic imprint of the trauma
  • Shamanic Healing techniques and self-healing tools that transform triggers and fears
  • Physical combative techniques that empower the individual and group

For veterans, we focus on:

  • The entire spectrum mentioned above

For Krav Maga instructors, we focus on:

  • Refining their verbal and physical teaching skills
  • Instructor test preparation
  • Ways to deal with students who have been bullied or traumatized
  • Incorporating mind-body awareness techniques into their training

Luminous Warrior distinguishes itself from other self defense modalities in 3 ways:

1. Our self defense coaching focuses on practical tools that give you options, rather than giving you answers

We give you information and options that help you decide what to do in a specific scenario. You learn when to defend yourself, and what’s is worth fighting for. These are deeply personal decisions and choices, and we help you get to your own answers of how you would like to live and create your life.

2. We focus on empowering individuals and groups rather than fostering a me-versus-them mentality or a desire to control situations or other individuals

A desire to control or have power over situations and other people may in fact attract more trouble; while being empowered with options, choices, tools and techniques attracts sustainable tools of self empowerment and the possibility for a more peaceful life.

3. We use self defense tools to heal trauma from past events

Healing with self defense techniques must be done in a specific way and taught mindfully. Our knowledge in brainwave development, the function of the sub-brains, psychosomatic imprints, and the mind-body connection are at the core of these tools. In this way we can heal trauma and fears that can come up during self defense coaching or may have come up previously in life.

To learn more, refer to our blogpost “Bullying – A different approach“.