June Solstice Greeting

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With the New Moon having just passed and the Solstice approaching, I am reminded that New Moons are about new beginnings, and that the Summer Solstice is a time for me to check in on the balance in my life. I personally had many new beginnings this New Moon: The biggest one being the successful completion of my Krav Maga Brown Belt instructor training. But June is also the month in which I will be stopping to work as a part-time “consultant”, a job I have been doing for over 10 years, and launch the Luminous Warrior full time. For the June 21 Summer Solstice, we are celebrating the return of the Light in the Southern Hemisphere, and in the northern hemisphere, I personally celebrate the day because is a time to remember that half of 2010 has almost passed, and it reminds me to take a look at how well we are balancing and moving through everything that’s being presented to us in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling overwhelmed lately with all the requests to join women’s conferences, workshops, communities, and networks. I am so excited about all the transformation, healing and awareness that is currently rippling through the universe. The return of the feminine ways is so very powerful and needed at this time, and it brings much healing to our lovely Mother Earth. As I have been reading and receiving some of these requests, I have started to become a bit curious also. I have been particularly reminded of the archetypes of the masculine and feminine, and how much healing is still needed in our society to truly understand what these archetypes are all about, and how they balance with each other.  In our society, we are often very quick to categorize things. Good versus bad, right versus wrong. Men versus women,  peace versus war. When I look at the many women’s movements that have been going on, I have been excited and inspired because I do feel this new feminine energy that is rippling through all our lives and which is so very needed. I have also been sensing a bit of confusion. So I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to perhaps clear up some of the confusion for some of you and share with you the way that I have come to know and engage the masculine and feminine energies in my life.

In the Munay-ki, the Medicine Women and Men are calling the feminine the “Pampa Mesayok” or Daykeepers, and the masculine the “Alto Mesayok” or Wisdomkeepers. However, in contrast to our society in which we think of feminine and masculine as categorizations and opposites, the Medicine Women and Men think of them as complementary, one unable to exist without the other. What’s more, each of these archetypes, the masculine and the feminine, have dark and light aspects. Dark meaning heavier, more denser forms, and light meaning more free-flowing or illuminating forms.

  1. The first thing that helped me when I was first introduced to these concepts is that we have to understand that masculine does not mean “men” and that feminine does not mean “women.” Many women behave in very masculine ways (doing, achieving, etc.), and many men behave very feminine (celebrating, listening, etc.). We have predominant parts, but ultimately we need both in order to become whole. I think what’s even more important is that our feminine and masculine parts come out more or less depending on the situation we are in. The reality is, there is no feminine without the masculine (and vice versa).  Even with many of the women’s networks, there is so much helpful masculine energy going around, the planning, the doing, the calling to ACTION… and there is feminine energy too, the building of COMMUNITY, the nurturing, the creativity… As one of my friends reminded me lately, if we are still putting together mailing lists, organizing conferences, going after a vision, we are in wonderful masculine energy! There’s very little feminine about it. This is very helpful energy, it is just interesting to notice where we are operating from when we want to share the feminine ways with others. We cannot do it without engaging the masculine! And we cannot act and lead (masculine) without there being people who receive it (feminine). Most of us are in modes of operation where we sometimes make lists, do and achieve. And sometimes we simply listen, nurture ourselves or our family, and allow ourselves to simple BE. It has very little to do with whether we are a man or a woman.


There are also light and dark aspects of each archetype. Most of us are all familiar with the dark feminine qualities of cattiness and jealousy or the dark masculine archetype of violence and destruction. Then, there’s the nurturing and receptiveness of the light feminine or the protective and achievement-oriented qualities of the light masculine.Obviously the list is much longer forth both, dark and light masculine and feminine…

Let’s talk about the dark aspects of each archetype a bit without dropping into judgment right away. Are there times where violence and destruction can be helpful? This is not meant to be a yes or no question or one where a “correct” answer exists. It is a question only meant for you, and for you alone to decide. Your answer may even change over time! For me, I do believe that there are times where darker energies can be very helpful. They have a purpose. If that purpose can be replaced with lighter energies, I prefer that. If in the moment I cannot see a lighter way, darker energies have come to my rescue many times. Think of the woman who is lifting a car of her child. This is very dark energy, the fear, the anger, etc. These dark energies are channeled in such a helpful way, rescuing her child from death. Or of all the new life that is being born after a natural wildfire. So for me, sure there are helpful aspects to dark energies. If I deny them or make myself believe I don’t have access to them, not only am I limiting myself, I am also not giving gratitude and honoring to those parts of me. As a result, they will come out in the most embarrassing and unproductive ways. Have you ever yelled at your partner or friend without true reason? Have you ever leashed out at someone? This is simply misplaced dark energy. Do I advocate them? No! Yet, if someone is trying to kill my friend or family or me, I do find it helpful to be able to tap into very dark masculine and feminine energies in order to help them or I survive. I am not saying that this is everyone’s choice. All I am saying it that dark and light energies have their place and productive, helpful outlets. I am also saying that we have access to all energies, feminine, masculine, dark and light, and that by honoring and connecting with them all, we can come to balance, wholeness and authenticity.

A friend of mine recently sent me an article, highlighting the importance of women connecting, and the fact that most women, when they feel down, want to connect and bond with each other, whereas men tend to want to go off on their own. After reading this article I thought, sure, I can relate to this statement! However, this is only true in some instances. I have witnessed many men having the need and desire to bond in groups. Just think of our wonderful men serving our country in the military (I know women serve as well – yet the point was about men bonding, not women bonding). There is a lot of bonding going on in the military and in other places where men connect. And then think of women having the desire to go off on their own and just “be” for themselves a bit. So men and women have both qualities. What they need and decide to do is less a function of being a man or a woman and more a result of the situation, the people involved, and the emotions they are feeling at a given time.

It’s simple. We possess all energies that exist in the universe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re man or woman. You have masculine and feminine aspects, and certain situations and people will bring our certain aspects you have. Your soul will call forth certain aspects of you as well, sometimes to remind you, sometimes to challenge you. We are really moving beyond categorizations and compartmentalization, into a much more expansive universe. One of inclusion, one of knowing what is needed and most helpful in each situation. One in which all behaviors, all emotions, all energies are available to you. Bringing consciousness to this fact will allow you to draw upon the energies that are most authentic and empowering to you and the people around you. The moment we categorize, or exclude, we are stepping into a limiting place. One of exclusion. It limits us, the people around us, and it excludes possibilities. So where to you want to live? Where are there areas you may want to balance?

Inclusion is another reason I love the Munay-Ki. We are able to be reminded, and bring in all energies in the universe: the energies of healing, the feminine, the masculine, the earth-keeping and angelic ones, the stars, and of creation. It’s a way of inclusion, rather than exclusion. It’s a way to remember all of what we are made of. And the truth is we are made from pure energy. There are no limitations. There’s only potential. I was reminded of this fact when I lifted a man twice my size (250lbs) off the floor and dropped him over my shoulder in training. I was also reminded of this when I put my hands over the injured knee of a fellow instructor, only to see him jump up and finish the test 5 minutes later.

Once we allow ourselves to tap into all possibilities, we take it a step further. The Luminous Warrior envisions a dream for the entire universe. As one of my teachers said, “It’s not a personal dream.” If we are envisioning a personal dream, one where things work out for only us and our family, friends and people we care about, yet not for the bum on the street or the co-worker that has an anger issue, then our visioning is one of exclusion. The Luminous Warrior speaks to an inclusion of mind, body and spirit, of masculine and feminine, of everything in the universe. When we engage in Shamanic healing, we access the power of the feminine more than the power of the masculine. When we engage in self-defense training, we engage more of the masculine power than feminine one. Yet, in order to plan classes, attend them, carry out the program, learn the techniques, perform them, and share them with others, we need both, masculine AND feminine to make it all work. If our aim is to become whole, then it would help us to be inclusive.

So this Solstice, allow yourself to be inclusive. Allow yourself to feel empowered because by including all of the energies in the universe and accepting all of this energy as YOU, you are allowing yourself to tap into a sense of personal power and authenticity that may not have ever felt before. This Solstice, bring in a new way of being, practice inclusion. Notice when you are excluding, when you are categorizing, when you are judging. As a woman, I want to appeal particularly to the women. It’s not about a gender of the person, it about their consciousness and the energy they carry. And for my wonderful Luminous Warrior men, find your way to inclusion also. Try out something new, try out energy work, bring in the feminine. Both energies, the masculine and feminine need healing at this time. Together and in wholeness, in integration, this healing can take place.

Try to find the beauty in everything you see. When you see something you judge, notice how this trait lives within you and think about situations or ways in which this trait could be useful to you. Then, practice inclusion. Notice and look for examples where your beliefs are challenged. Look for miracles! It is so easy to go with what’s consensual, yet the universe is a much more magical and surprising place that you may think. Allow yourself to lift the veil of all the filters you have put on yourself over the years. Allow yourself to perceive the world the way it really is and the potential it carries.

To assist you with becoming whole, feeling more balanced, and being able to accessing your authentic power and pure potential, I have added many new and FREE opportunities to experience the Luminous Warrior over the next few weeks. From free mini-healings in Chinatown to private Luminous Warrior mentoring in your home, you can truly allow yourself to try out something new, to include something in your life that you haven’t allowed yourself to explore so far, or to strengthen parts of you that you’d like to focus on or explore.

Please check out our events page to find out what events are up and coming.  Feel free to share them with others, post them in your training centers, yoga studios, or at work if you are called to do so. Allow others to see these opportunities so they may benefit from the Luminous Warrior if they are drawn to it. Come on out to free events, or design a program with me that you always wanted to do. Find another course or teacher that completes you. Or simply sit in awareness. Whatever you may need, may you have access to it. And most of all, allow yourself to listen to your Heart and let it guide you. The first FREE Luminous Warrior event is happening in Chinatown on the day of the Solstice, June 21.

This Solstice, may you be blessed with knowing and feeling the entirety of your authentic potential. May you know how complete you are already. May you connect with the Wholeness in others, and know they are a reflection of you. May you allow yourself to send out Blessings to all energies you come across and everyone you meet. Make your dream big, make your dream one of inclusion. Go beyond what you thought was possible.

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