Luminous Warrior Instructor Certification

For Krav Maga instructors

Bring your teaching to a new level of expertise, success and fulfillment!

Level I: Perfecting your teaching skills

  • Language
  • Demonstration
  • Touching
  • Coaching

Level II: Building awareness

  • Holding intention and space for potential
  • Becoming aware of students’ energy and sensitivities
  • Assisting students to step beyond limitations
  • Stepping off the triangle of disempowerment

Level III: Removing blocks

  • Becoming part of your student’s journey
  • Dealing with projections and ego
  • Offering students authentic tools for life
  • Addressing flashbacks and PTSD

Level IV: Teaching what’s needed

  • Stress drills and restoring balance
  • How to be of service to “difficult” students
  • Applying intuition practically and accurately
  • Celebrating and honoring stages in the journey

Prerequisites: You must already be a certified Krav Maga instructor and have a desire to learn about intuition and energy.