Full Moon Greeting

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This Full Moon, I am deeply affected and inspired by the Munay-Ki Retreat I just attended. This is the fourth time that I have personally received the Munay-Ki Rites, and it was the first time that I have received the Rites in traditional Quechua language. There is something uniquely special about receiving energetic transmission in ancient language, as if the ancient wisdom and teachings weave their way through the transmission and settle very deeply in your bones. Many of you have asked me what the Munay-Ki Rites are all about. I myself had misunderstood them for many years because words really cannot describe how powerful these energetic transmissions can be for your life.

The Munay-ki are the initiation rites of the medicine people of South America. They are a series of nine energy transmissions that help heal our wounds by illuminating our luminous energy field and returning our field to its original vibration that in reality looks like a rainbow body.

Munay means “Love” and “Heart” and the words describes the Love we carry in our Hearts in one simple and powerful term. The Muany-Ki reconnect us with all of the natural world, seen and unseen, and help us reach into the universe and magic of our lives. They attune us to our divine nature and are a powerful support for anyone, especially those wanting a more spiritual path or are looking for deeper meaning in life.

Each one of the Rites is enough to improve your life. Together, they form a powerful way to support you as they symbolize your entire enlightenment journey. Bringing in these enlightenment vibrations into your being can accelerate your own spiritual path and and connect you with support you never knew you had.

For me, each time I have received the Rites, they have made a huge difference in my life. The first time, I simply felt more meaning in my life and more supported. After the second transmission, I felt for the first time that I too am connected and able to talk to “Spirit” without needing anyone else to do it for me. After the third transmission, I received specific messages with each of the Rites that gave me insight into my life in areas that I was struggling in or could improve upon. After I left the retreat, each of these problems magically got resolved for me, without me having to do anything at all! Bringing in the Munay-Ki vibrations was enough to change what was happening around me.

This last retreat was particularly special. Every since I returned I feel as if I am on vacation. You know, that feeling you feel when you’re walking on the beach barefoot, listening to the sounds of the waves and watching the sunset. The curious things is that this feeling persists even when I am deeply engaged in work, or up late at night looking through some papers. I receive messages in forms of flashes, very distinct thoughts and feelings, so that I feel watched over and guided at every moment of my day. It doesn’t matter whether I do laundry, brush my teeth or sit in meditation. It’s as if Spirit itself dropped down into my body and is informing me at every moment, all the time. It’s as if I finally took my boat into the river, and instead of trying to peddle upstream, I simply turned it around and allowed it to flow down the river. Opportunities are popping up all over the place, and my life seems so easy and fun! I wonder, what was so special about working hard? Why was it so important for me to turn that boat against the stream and peddle up whilst never moving anywhere in the process. What was it that kept me stuck in the same place despite all the work I was doing? If you feel that way at times, the Munay-Ki can absolutely transform your life and empower you.

All the struggle now magically disappears. I move through life with trust and ease that reaches new dimensions at every turn. Every day I am excited about what will show up in my space. It’s simply amazing.

The Munay-Ki will assist you in a way that you are ready for, so if you are drawn to participate in receiving the Munay-Ki, set your intent to be open for Miracles! Despite all the words I have used in this letter, words simply cannot express the transformation that is possibly by receiving these Rites.

The Munay-Ki are one of my most favorite classes to teach, and I am honored and enthusiastically looking forward to sharing these rites with you in the way they have been passed on to me.

The next Munay-Ki retreat is taking place July 2-4. I will be facilitating this retreat with my dear friend and colleague Dr. Marie Rodriguez. Marie is an incredible Naturopathic Doctor, Shamanic healer, cranial-sacral therapist, and Light Being. If you are coming to this retreat, you will be thoroughly supported and inspired by her wonderful presence and insights. ??These Rites are truly a special Blessing in my live. And they can be in yours. Each single rite is enough to change your live forever. Together, the nine Rites infuse you with an energy of love, connection, wisdom, power, vision, possibilities and miracles. ??Below is a gentle reminder about upcoming classes that I have planned. This is the LAST WEEKEND before many discounts expire, so be sure to register!

I send you Full Moon Blessings of Gratitude, Connection and Light. May you have many opportunities to experience the power of your full potential.

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