Full Moon Greeting

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My mother once told me a story about her childhood family doctor. She said that he was truly living a life of service. She said that her doctor would treat everyone who came to see him. It did not matter weather they were wealthy or poor, he gave everyone the same treatment and respect. He was truly in service of what he came to do here on earth in his lifetime. Sometime the patients he saw would only be able to offer him a few dollars worth of compensation; at other times his patients were so thankful and ecstatic about the results that they gave him twice as much as he had asked for.

I heard this story from my mom when I was a little child, and it stuck with me over all these years. To me, this story describes a principle the Shamans often use. It’s the principle of Ayni, or living in reciprocal, harmonious and nurturing relationship with all of Life.

Many of you have heard about this principle before, yet I do believe there is a slight difference in what most people believe to be the principle of “give and take” and the principle of Ayni. In our society, we often view the “give and take” personally, from one person to another. This very quickly can become a tit-for-tat arrangement: “I did this for him, how come he doesn’t do this for me?” This is something very different from what I’m talking about. The principle of Ayni takes on a more more inclusive and global view. It takes into consideration the entirety of our universe.

Let me explain. Just today actually, someone asked me to do a reading for him. I did the reading and very clearly got the message that I was to thank him for living his life in service and take nothing in return, not even a thank you for my reading. Another day, I received a past-life reading from a very good friend and fellow shaman. He asked me for $70 for the reading, yet what he provided to me was so healing, so profound, so much of what was needed at that time, that I decided to give him almost three times of what he had originally asked for. It simply seemed in Ayni to me. In both cases, I did not do these things with an expectation that the favors would be returned in some way either now or in the future. I simply did it because it seemed in reciprocal relationship to be. I knew that I had received many gifts from the universe recently. Some in the form of friends, good times and laughter. Others in the form of connecting to nature or receiving unexpected money. This was simply my way of telling the universe “thank you”.

I am not telling these stories to tell you about what I did. Instead, I think they explain the principle of living in Ayni. When the Shamans open their medicine bundles, their Mesa, the first thing they do is feed it – sometimes with their breath and intention and often with some sweet essences or flowers. It’s the same wherever they go. They make offerings to the earth, the elements, the directions. They bless the people they meet. They understand that unless we are in harmonious and reciprocal relationship with all aspects of the universe, things will be out of balance in our lives.

So this Full Moon I leave you with three items of Ayni:

    1. First, I encourage you to look at your life as a whole and see how much you are receiving and how much you are giving. Think about little things. How quick are you to send a complaint letter, and how quickly would you put the same energy into writing a letter of gratitude? When is the last time you paid more for something simply because that’s what it was worth it to you, rather than looking for the “best deal?” Where is your life out of balance? What can you do to bring reciprocity back into your life. I encourage you to not look at what others “should” be doing or not be doing. Go beyond people. Think about the earth, the stars, the sun, the flowers, the trees, the animals, the waters… These can be simply blessings. Gifts do not have to always be elaborate. And if you have people in your life who only take, there is something out of balance in your life. However it may have very little to do with the person you are dealing with. That person may simply be a teacher for you to bring the entirety of your life back to balance. It may simply be that you need to be open to receiving more in all or other aspects of your life. So simply explore, and remember to stay out of judgment as you see what’s happening in your life. Then, bring Ayni.


    1. Secondly, I would like to offer you a gift of Ayni. As most of you know, I am offering some very exciting mentorships for next year. I also have healing sessions and workshops coming up. There are already many 2-for-1 sales online that you can take advantage of until September 30. My goal is to make Luminous Warrior programs available to you. So if you have something you’d really want to participate in, and you cannot afford it, you can make an offer of Ayni. I understand that $145 to one person is $10 to another and $500 to yet someone else. So simply offer something that seems in harmonious and reciprocal relationship to you. I will gladly and happily look at your request and do my best to accommodate. (And of course, if ever you feel that what you receive goes beyond what I asked for, I do accept that kind of Ayni also.) This is a truly extraordinary offer. It’s inspired by the story my mother told me when I was a child and I am excited to be offering it to all of you. My goal is truly to make the Luminous Warrior programs available to those who are willing and ready to step into their full potential and authentic power. For those of you who are on that path, I would love to assist you, so simply reach out!


  1. Third, as you know I am offering many FREE events (monthly ceremonies and mini healings), so be sure to participate and tell your friends! There are also some new Luminous Warriors videos on YouTube that you may want to check out. Last but not least, I know many of you have not yet grabbed your free e-book on how to create Sacred Space, so be sure to pick it up!

I send you Blessings of Ayni this Full Moon. May you be blessed by being in balance, harmony, reciprocity and gratitude with yourself, the Earth and all of Life. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I feel truly blessed.

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