Fall Equinox & Full Moon Greeting

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Greetings from Morocco! Wow, there is so much energy moving this Fall Equinox, I don’t know how I could possibly share it in an email, so let me focus on the most prevalent energy that seems to be currently moving through.


Some of you may be experiencing this Fall Equinox with many life and death themes. Much of these themes seem to be around significant relationships, but you may be experiencing other “endings and beginnings” in your life right now – perhaps around jobs, friends, or personal goals. Whatever the theme around life and death is in your life right now, and however you are experiencing these shifts, remember that fall is a natural time for things that have reached their full bloom to mature and die. Or, they may change colors, the way leafs change colors in the Fall (at least for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere). We can navigate these changes with grace, appreciating the beauty of the colors and the leafs falling; or, we can choose to be upset that the flowers are no longer blooming and the leafs are no longer green. It’s really a matter of perception and what you choose to engage with in your life.

Levels of Perception

Changing levels of perception is one of the  gifts of the Shaman. Perceiving a new reality with the power of sincerity and truth behind it can be a powerful way to bring about peace within your soul. This Fall, my wish is to introduce you to four key levels of perception, and assist you in shifting levels of perception when it’s needed to bring about healing, transformation and empowerment. Allow yourself to perceive the world in new, more meaningful ways, and practice these levels of perception often, so you know when and how to engage in the world to create the life you want to live. There are several ways for you to participate if you are called to do so:

  • In our FREE Conference Call on September 29, we’ll be doing stone readings to practice the level of perception, and I will be taking your calls to assist you in changing levels of perception about what’s going on in your life currently.
  • During our FREE Communal Despacho Ceremony on October 3, we will enagge in the levels of perceptions to “read” and divine on the despacho itself. We will focus on planting new seeds for the Spring and bringing Ayni to those areas that have shifted in your life, and globally, this fall season.
  • In our upcoming Shamanic Journeying Workshops on October 2, 16 and 30, we will be covering the four levels of perception to help you get more detail and specificity as you meditate and journey. This paid workshop is highly customized and I will be bringing some beautiful stones from Morocco that we will journey with as well. So if you are called to be there, and you have no yet registered, be sure to sign up soon.


This Fall Equinox & Full Moon, I send you blessings that shifting levels of perception can bring to your life. May you allow yourself to gracefully appreciate the beauty of those things in your life that have passed their full bloom and are changing colors or maybe even die as you enter the fall season. And may you consciously plant seeds that you would like to grow in the Spring.


My wish for you this Full Moon is to be able to spend some time reflecting on those gifts that the fall can offer to your life – a time to appreciate the beauty of maturity before letting go, and a time to bring in new things that can grow in the spring.

One insight I had while travelling in Morocco was that most houses look very plain from the outside. I was a bit scared or worried with almost every hotel I went to as I was standing in front of the building. But once I was let inside, a whole different world opened up; one that was filled with beautiful tiles, incredible stone work, and amazingly detailed and rich wood work. There were inside open-air gardens, rooftop terraces, a friendliness that’s hard to match and a simple magic in the air. Each part of this garden inside was consciously and intently created to bring beauty, peace, abundance to all those who would enter.



I couldn’t help but notice that what I was witnessing outside of me was really a reflection of the quest most of us have: To find our own garden inside – and then to allow ourselves to consciously create it the way we like it to be. Therefore, this Fall Equinox, I invite you to journal on what your garden inside looks like at this time:

  • What’s inside your garden?
  • What needs to be dusted or polished?
  • What would you like to add or bring in?
  • What is the energy,  feeling or blessing that you would you like to give to each person who enters?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to send your journal entires my way, and if you are you’d like to work in closer mentorship with me as you keep creating and tending to your garden inside, just send me an email. You might be excited to hear that I am offering the Monthly Phone Mentorship as “Skype Video” or “In-person Mentorship” this fall, so don’t miss out if are interested in personal healing and deep transformation. And as always, thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I am deeply honored.

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