Luminous Warrior Self Defense Workshops

Luminous Warrior Self Defense workshops integrate practical self defense techniques with intuitive awareness, emotional self care and self healing tools. We go beyond just self defense by bringing consciousness to our actions and better understanding the dynamics which can help us heal, transform and empower our lives.

What makes Luminous Warrior Self Defense different?

Our tools not only teach effective, reality based self defense techniques. We also help increase awareness, mindfulness, mental preparedness, emotional stamina and the capacity to deal with stressful situations in life. We focus on releasing psychosomatic imprints from past events, and we train in a way where we do not accumulate more stress or traumatic imprints in our body and brains.

Our intention is to step out of ego and fear, even in self defense situations, and instead act authentically and from intention-alignment instead. Knowing when to defend oneself and what is worth fighting for are as important as understanding how to defend oneself if the need arises. Self awareness and self care are essential component of our self defense workshops. We focus on avoidance, escape and de-escalation techniques as much as on self defense techniques, and we help individuals transform lingering emotions and adrenaline created by training or former events post-training.

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Luminous Warrior Self Defense Workshops range from risk reduction and avoidance seminars to hand-to-hand self defenses (e.g., bearhugs, headlocks, chokes) and defenses against attacks with weapons (e.g., handguns, knives, blunt objects). We bring these techniques to you in a scenario-based training environment and include real-world attacker profiles. We show you the options that are available to you and include the physical, mental and emotional skills needed to live your life in peace before –and after– a potential fight.

Below are examples of Self Defense Workshop topics we have offered in the past:

  • Introduction to Luminous Warrior Self Defense
  • Avoidance and risk reduction techniques for college students
  • Women’s self defense seminar
  • Defending against the bully/angry person
  • Defending against the mugger/thief
  • Defending against the murderer/rapist
  • Developing attacker and scenario recognition skills
  • In-home preparedness and self defense scenarios
  • Introduction to defenses against attacks with weapons
  • Defenses on the ground and sexual assault scenarios
  • Healing past trauma through self defense

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