Warriors and Veterans

People who have personally walked through life and death situation –in war, hostile environment or otherwise– are particularly poised to be of service to their communities and the world at large. Yet many don’t recognize or acknowledge their inherent strength and gifts because it comes so natural to them. As a result, we often lack these talents and strengths in our communities. We need warriors in our communities as stewards of Mother Earth and guardians of peace, and as such, we have the responsibility to provide the support needed for warriors to be able to do so in civilian life.

Warriors have a physical and moral capacity to walk through their own fears and the steadfastness to complete a mission. They can focus their minds in the face of danger. They offer their lives, when needed, in service of their fellow men and women and in service of some greater vision. When these physical and mental capabilities and strengths can be integrated into the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the self, we are creating a warriorship that is embodied, powerful, and transformative, and can help address many of the challenges we face as humanity today. These embodied and whole warriors -Luminous Warriors- can be pillars of strength, harmony and peace in our communities and the world.

However, before warriors can embark on this next mission, it is on us to offering our talents, gifts and services for them to be able to do so. This is our duty to honor the service and sacrifice they have already made. Once their journey is appropriately honored, the wounds healed, and the spirit restored, we can offer effective ways to continue in purposeful and aligned service post-deployment.

Most warriors have a strong drive to service. And they have proven this in action. With warriors, desires are not just spoken, but acted on. Warriors recognize “sacrifice” as purposeful and aligned service that is connected to a larger vision beyond -and inclusive of- themselves. They understand their part and purpose in the larger whole. They know how to be part of a team and fulfill their mission. They have a desire to act with power, authenticity, integrity and impeccability. They have an inner drive to stand for truth in the face of adversity –even if it does not benefit the self.

We desire to support warriors, veterans and their communities because they have proven themselves the world over. We honor their service –past, present and future– and recognize that they have a capacity to build resilient communities and ecosystems once they have been empowered to heal their own trauma of past injuries or experiences.

Luminous Warrior sees it as a responsibility to offer warriors and veterans ways to fulfill their purpose after separation from the military -or post-deployment- whether or not they have suffered physical or mental injuries. We do this by strengthening warriors’ mind, body and spirit, by helping them build connections in their communities, and by assisting them with identifying their personally meaningful and aligned service at home that is filled with honor, steadfastness and purpose.

Our Approach

The Luminous Warrior Approach is effective, inclusive and integrated, and assists with creating meaningful and fulfilling lives and relationships, healed communities of safety and thriving, and healthy ecosystems worldwide.

The Luminous Warrior Approach is non-sectarian and non-denominational. It includes all individuals regardless of their cultural or religious background. It does not espouse any particular church, religious doctrine or belief system.

Our Approach is grounded in quantum physics, nature and experiential exercises, and is based on the notion that there is a spiritual and energetic dimension to life. Individuals who participate in our projects and programs are supported in whatever spiritual connection they may –or may not– have or desire.

Contact us for more, refer to Sara Salam’s Path of Power for Veterans, or take a look at Sara’s approach to Ayni.