I LOVE Luminous Warrior. I don’t think I’ve felt this strong (physically or emotionally), this excited about something, this connected to a community, or this driven to learn and succeed at something in ages.

— Erik

LUMINOUS WARRIOR WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR: A WAY TO NOURISH YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SOUL…Sara and her staff are the best at what they do, and they’ll do it with a smile. Not only are the workouts intense, the self-defense classes are based on real-world scenarios so you’ll always learn something new. Sara also does a great job reinforcing the basic principles of breathing, grounding your energy, and just being aware of your body and mind. You’ll definitely feel a heightened sense of physical and emotional euphoria after each class.

— Sharon

The self defense training at Luminous Warrior is outstanding. Unlike in some schools, you won’t learn sport fighting or flashy moves here. Instead, the focus is purely on practical self defense techniques designed to help you survive violent encounters on the street. Not only are the instructors experts in the techniques, they are good at teaching them. Moreover, the instructors are committed to helping students improve in every class. The school is a great place to learn self defense.

— Gonzalo

This is a place you can enter from many directions: martial arts, healing and wholeness center, a strong community connection, or coaching and inspiration. It’s an unusual combination of offerings, not like any place I have seen previously–a unique vision in the city.

— Louise

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Sara in Krav Maga and Fit to Fight and have found her to be extremely motivated and dedicated to her craft and to improving the lives of others…I would highly recommend training with Sara, if you are afforded the opportunity.

— Ryan Hoover, Krav Maga Black Belt, Co-author of two KMW books & Co-founder of Fit to Fight

Sara is an outstanding instructor…I have seen students come out of her Luminous Warrior Program more secure and confident in their abilities to face their fears in any and all aspects of their lives…Sara’s Luminous Warrior program works.

— Chris Torres, KravMaga Black Belt

Luminous Warrior is the best self-defense class I have ever taken.

— Paula Shapiro, Board of Holla Back DC!

Offering the Shamanic Self Defense class to our clients went beyond our expectations. The class not only addressed the physical needs of the women and provided them with practical self defenses, but gave them an opportunity to tap into their inner strength, their spirit and the warrior within.

— Santa Molina, LICSW & Director of Counseling and Advocacy, DC Rape Crisis Center

Sara is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend taking her workshops.

— Andrea Austin, Program Manager, Polaris Project

…books were a fun start, but without the classes I still would have not understood and possessed personal tools and methods to stabilize and anchor change in my daily life.

— Jill, wife, sister, daughter & mother

My husband and I recently hired Sara to do a private ceremony for us in preparation for and celebration of the birth of our first child. Sara was fantastic and she made a beautiful event we will cherish and remember forever. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!

— Jessica Probst, MSPT, SMAC, Physical Therapist, Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning

I have been doing massage for 10 years… after doing some of the exercises you taught us, I am actually feeling a lot less depleted after sessions. So, thank you!

— Juliane, Massage Therapist

I loved the set up of the class! I can definitely apply what I’ve learned to my daily life, especially when I treat my clients: I don’t have to be tired after my sessions! Thanks for a wonderful class!

— Yashieka, Reiki Practitioner