Specialized Programs

Luminous Warrior panorama

Our Specialized Programs are of service to  three groups of people –providers, veterans, and special military branches:


A growing body of evidence suggests that integrating holistic healing modalities and mind-body awareness approaches into trauma care are effective. Providers of care also need skills to reduce the impact of secondary traumatization, address burnout at the onset, and prevent compassion fatigue.

The purpose of the Luminous Warrior Program for Providers is to offer an inclusive, dogma-free and effective approach to healing trauma at the level of the soul that can easily, practically and effectively be integrated into the existing providers’ skill set and qualifications. It is also intended to assist the provider in improving their own practice of self care so they can elevate their service to those in need without hardening or experiencing compassion fatigue.

Once complete, Luminous Warrior Providers will be role models for effective self care, be able to provide additional tools and techniques, and offer a more integrated support to those they serve.


It takes immense dedication, responsibility and commitment to walk the warrior path. The ability to focus the mind even while facing danger, the strength to go through immense physical hardship, an ability to feel and harmonize with the natural environment for risk reduction and survival, being willing to die out of a sense of service to the community –these are qualities and strengths that are meant for only a few.

Our Program for Veterans recognizes these inherent warrior strengths and applies them to the needs of cities and the current human condition. First, we offer those that have served ways to build up their internal strength as they transition to civilian life. Mind-body techniques, mindful movement, shamanic healing, and energy medicine practices can have tremendous effects on healing trauma in ways that are truly self empowering. The skills learned can then be aplied to develop meaningful relationships at home.

The skills learned can then be used to help create healed communities of safety and thriving at home. A growing body of evidence shows that mindful movement, ceremonies and meditation techniques have a direct and measurable impact on things such as crime rates in cities. Once completed, veterans will –through a truly embodied Luminous Warrior presence– play a critical role in helping to reduced crime rates in cities, inspire and demonstrate peaceful action, and create healed communities of safety and thriving wherever they are.

Military Branches

As humanity evolves, so must our warrior expression. Direct trauma and secondary traumatization are endemic among our societies worldwide. At the same time, human-induced climate change bring about a new set of challenges which cannot be addressed by violent action or war. Humanity is transitioning into a deeper awakening of our role on Earth and there is a growing desire to experience the inter-connectedness with all of Life.

The skills of warriors -physical strength, ability to focus the mind, fearlessness, selfless service, connection and communion with the Earth- will still be needed. These same skills that have been used to prepare us for warfare and survival, can easily be transitioned to the current needs –if the warrior expression includes the sacred dimension with integrity, responsibility, power and service at heart. This new Luminous Warrior archetype will play a critical role in preventing and responding to natural disasters, improving and restoring the health and balance of our ecosystems, and helping humanity mature into harmonious and peaceful relations with each other and Mother Earth. Luminous Warriors will become stewards of Mother Earth and guardians of ecosystems worldwide.


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