School Certification

Luminous Warrior School Certification can help you improve student retention, enhance instructor performance, and foster community engagement inside and outside of your training space. Schools who have 3 or more Luminous Warrior Trained Instructors are eligible to be certified as a Luminous Warrior School.


Why should I consider Luminous Warrior School Certification?

Challenge #1: Retention of upper level students

As students move into Levels 3 and 4, Krav schools typically see a large drop off in class attendance. Schools often try to channel folks into ground fighting and sparring classes in order to boost attendance. However, there are some simple techniques and ways to modify upper level Krav Classes to keep the training interesting, enhance students’ Krav skills, and allow people to train with modified bodily impact.

Sustained bodily is a key factor that deters people from continuing at the higher levels. Reality-based training scenarios are key, and full body impact as well. However, the skills Luminous Warriors offers in addition and along with a reduction in the duration of heavy impact can significantly improve the experience of training and keep your upper level students training.

Challenge #2: Effectively addressing students who have been traumatized or attacked in their past

Let’s face it, many students begin Krav Maga because of some traumatic event or attack in their past, or in their loved one’s past. They come in excited, motivated and love the Level 1 classes. However, as students enter Level 2, and even more so Level 3, many stop coming to class. One of the key reasons for this drop off in participation is that students often become re-traumatized when they experience more physical impact. Many go home crying, not being able to deal with the emotions, and not having a space to express and address what they are experiencing. Others have a full blown flashback in class with instructors ill-equipped to bring them safely out of the experience, leaving both student and instructor feeling lacking. As the students feel less empowered, the instructor often feels less capable, and soon the school winds up losing another student.

There are ways to help those students. A few seminars geared at old trauma can help those students. These seminars still train in self defense, but in a modified way, that takes into account the understanding of psychosomatic (mind-body) triggers and how to resolve those triggers. Modified self defense training combined with simple mindfulness techniques can help students to clear trauma and remove triggers so that they can continue to enjoy training. The science behind how this works is now entering the medical field as well and some of these techniques are being used in the military already. These are also great skills for instructors to learn.

Challenge #3: Engaging folks who are not drawn to the physical aspect of Krav Maga, but need skills to reduce risks and avoid, de-escalate and escape risky situations.

While we talk about reducing risks, avoidance, escape and de-escalation in Krav Maga, the actual instruction often does not teach many techniques to address these issues. Krav Maga can do much more to equip instructors with real techniques, skills and drills to teach these aspects of self defense.

What can my school gain from Luminous Warrior?

Luminous Warrior has developed a curriculum that teaches techniques and drills to address:

When and how to walk away from a situation or fight

How to talk down an attacker

Ways to de-escalate situations

When and how to strike preemptively only as a means of escape, and

How to prepare a home, car, office, as well as how to modify one’s own behavior to reduce risks of a potential attack.

These skills are important to provide to students if Krav schools intend to offer a well-rounded self defense system. Building awareness and learning effective avoidance and de-escalation skills are as important as physical self defense when the attack is already underway. More importantly, adding the curriculum and programs we have developed attracts new members who are currently not training in your school. Currently, few teach these tools and skills systematically. We believe these skills and techniques are essential and mandatory in today’s world.

This curriculum usually draws all 3 types of students most schools desire to attract and retain but often have difficulty doing so:


Traumatized, and

Those that are not seeking physical self defense training.

Our curriculum and the skills instructors learn in the their Instructor Training combined will:

Attract a whole new audience to your school as members without having to put up more resources or cost;

Keep your upper level students training in your school even if they are not police officers or military-oriented; and

Allow training to happen not only without re-traumatization but also with the ability to heal already experienced trauma.

We call that being of integrity and of true service to your community. You gain more members, the members gain more service, and we develop a community together that can thrive and heal. What’s not to like?