Sara is making some resources available for free, as a gift from her heart to yours:

1. Links to helpful books, CDs, audios and websites on the Washington DC Luminous Warrior Center’s web archive.

2. Instructional videos on Sara’s Vimeo channel. There are over 100 videos that teach about mind, body and spirit, including Krav Maga and self defense.

3. Shamanic Journeying course on Sara’s SoundCloud channel. The Shamanic Journeying series exists of 8 tracks, each about 20 minutes in length. You can listen to the Intros for free and purchase the tracks or series for 22 Euros or 88 Euros, respectively.

4. Sara’s e-Books on “10 Ways to Open Sacred Space” and her personal “Story of Transformation” available on her Path of Power website.

5. Articles written by Sara on our Blog.

6. Previous Luminous Warrior members can also get access to Sara’s Dropbox for Luminous Warrior photos, class pictures, class videos, handouts, as well as descriptions for healing ceremonies, rituals etc. Simply offer a Paypal donation in the spirit of Ayni and tell her what you’re looking for.

If you want to offer a gift to Sara for these offerings, you can do so in 3 ways:

1. live from the spaces of your love, your truth and peace inside;
2. offer a financial gift via PayPal; and/or
3. join one of her live Soul Circles (Sarah Hawk is her spirit name).