Instructor Seminar

Tools are no secret, but how to embody and apply the tools safely, with integrity, in service and with permission is the skill and art. The skills need to apply to the work you do, who you are, and how you express authentically.


Bring your teaching to the next level of expertise, success and fulfillment!

Luminous Warrior has designed an exclusive instructor seminar series that includes:

  1. Making your class more accessible to students of various ages and abilities

2. Supporting and working with students who are survivors of trauma or live with PTSD, including:

-What happens in the Fight-Flight-Freeze response and how to come back to balance-

-What happens in an adrenaline dump and ways to remove leftover adrenaline-

-The steps to follow when a student has a flashback-

-How to be of service to students in domestic violence situations-

3. Effectively and safely incorporating real attacker profiles and rituals into classes

4. Applying effective verbal responses and voice as a self defense tool in class

5. Processing and removing trauma for full engagement in self defense training

6. Using the “four brains” in self defense training

7. Practicing effective ways to use visualizations and learning common pitfalls

8. Adding inner and outer awareness exercises to your self defense training

9. Learning effective self care tools that you can also teach to your students

10. Adding inspiration to your classes and assisting your students to find it daily

This course contains:

Teaching Segments

Receive feedback on issues such as ethics, physical contact, language, motivation, and drills.

Training Segments

Review your techniques with other fellow instructors so that your words match your physical skills in teaching.

Lecture Segments

Learn about important concepts and practical tools to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your teaching.

Community Segments

Discuss ways to impact and engage your community in helpful ways.


Instructor: Sara Salam

Read more about how the Luminous Warrior Self Defense approach here.