August 10, 2010 ~ New Moon Greeting

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This New Moon, I am reminded how important it is to continue on our own spiritual journey and to keep doing our spiritual work. As most of you know, I just spent two weeks in Utah in Advanced Shamanic Training. The beauty of this work is that everything we learn, we first have to experience ourselves. So there we were, a bunch of very advanced Shamanic practitioners, spending half the time in deep personal healing and transformation work, before being taught how to apply those skills we learned to our clients. We first have to heal and experience the techniques ourselves before we can begin to assist others on their spiritual path.

Our healing journey is ever expanding, so for those of you who have started on your spiritual path, continue to do your own work! Find ways to engage in your spiritual practices, look at your shadows, use the tools you have learned to keep freeing yourself from what’s holding you back. Stay out of judgement and off the Triangle. Join a community, create your own ceremonies, and keep rewriting your stories! Simply do your work. It’s a very powerful way to keep pace with these rapidly changing times.

For me, even though I do my own spiritual work every day, coming together with like-minded people and deeply engaging in my own work has been tremendously powerful. I am reminded that it is powerful to connect in community, to be reminded about how the world really works, and to break out of old and outdated thought patterns.

Many of you have heard me say this before, but science is slowly catching up with what energy healers and Shamans have known for eons – the exciting thing is that now we can truly begin to bring together science with ancient medicine. Much of our time in Shamanic training was spent on just that: the structure and purpose of the brain, quantum mechanics and wave functions, mathematical equations of momentum. Science in essence is not describing reality, but attempting to make sense of what we see around us. And what we see is clearly affected by our perception of our world around us. Ever had two people look at the e same thing and authentically see something very different?

There are miracles happening every day that science cannot explain, and people all over the world are tapping into them all the time because they are opening their perception. So the question is, do you want to wait for science to catch up and find an equation for how it all works, or do you want to simply launch into it and experience the power of miracles in your life now?

For me, I choose the latter. I learn from experience. Once I have experienced it, I know I can be authentic in what I teach and do with and in my life. I care less about whether I can explain it, and more about how empowered I feel after changes happen. So I invite you to try it out for yourself. It doesn’t have to be with me, though I would love to work with you! There are many talented healers out there. Find something that resonates with you is key. I’d be glad to help you if you need suggestions, too. Find something magical, something extraordinary, something that simply will go beyond what you could have ever expected.

We are living in exciting times! A massive galactic alignment, that is happening only every 25,800 years, is happening NOW – and all of you have chosen to be here at this time. There is a reason why you are here. There are miracles all around, and the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner than ever. When will you be ready to fully tap into it? As one of my teachers always said “Why not tonight?”

I send you the most magical Blessings this New Moon. May you be surprised by miracles every day. May you find power with your own life, and feel peace deep within your heart. May Joy surround you each and every day, and may you feel the support that is around you all the time.

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Those of us who are equipped to navigate these changing times with fluidity, alignment and grace will experience the shifts as powerful catalyzers to our heart’s mission and life’s purpose. Those of us who don’t have the tools to navigate these changes, may experience these times as chaotic, overwhelming, difficult and even hopeless.

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Angel Blessings

This New Moon the Angels have been communicating with me more than usual. They want to remind you that they are here to help, and that you need to ask for their help. See, Angels don’t help unless you ask them to.

If you don’t know much about Angels, you can simply call on “all the Archangels” or “the Archangel that can be of assistance” to you. Then whisper you request or say it out loud. Afterward, simply notice what happens in your life. Even when something unexpected happens, or something you may initially label as “bad”, remember that you have asked  and the Angels are helping, no matter what you may think initially. So what’s the gift in what you may label as “bad”? What’s the message? What’s there to learn for you? Sometimes it’s as simple as learning to free yourself from attachments that are no longer healthy. Mot importantly, when you notice help, say “Thank you!”

A colleague of mind told me a story about a woman who has a very lovely practice. Every time something ends or gets “taken away” that she really wanted, she rubs her hands together in joy and  says “I am so excited because I know that Spirit (God, the Universe, etc.) wouldn’t take this away if there wasn’t something much more wonderful coming along.” I love this practice so I encourage you to play with it this month and try it out. It can work miracles for you.

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