Self Defense Meets Shamanic Healing

“Luminous Warrior is the best self-defense class I have ever taken.”

—Paula Shapiro, Board of Collective Action For Safe Spaces (formerly Holla Back DC!)

Luminous Warrior Promo from Sara Salam on Vimeo.

What is Luminous Warrior?

Luminous Warrior was created with the intention to heal, transform, and empower lives. It brings Shamanic Healing methods into reality-based self defense training for the purpose of training without traumatization and building communities of safety and thriving. Luminous Warrior is focused on utilizing the warrior strengths and complementing them with skills to heal and balance the mind, emotions and spirit before, during and after training. It adds tools for developing mental stamina, emotional resilience, personal healing and transformation so that one can live life peacefully, compassionately and on purpose, even while training in self defense.

Who is it for?

  1. Students who want to learn ways to step through their fears and empower themselves with the skills of self defense, yet do so without becoming traumatized or a become a bully themselves.
  2. Students who have been traumatized or attacked in their past and want to heal, transform and empower their lives through self defense training.
  3. Self defense instructors and upper level students would would like to amplify their mind-emotion-spirit skillset to be able to heal their own trauma and build emotional resilience and mental stamina while training.
  4. Self defense instructors who want to amplify their teaching skills with methods to help their students train without accumulating trauma, and who would like to refine their authentic expression of their warrior skills.
  5. Schools and self defense instructors who want to step off the triangle of disempowerment and apply their warrior strengths to build safe, healed and peaceful communities.
  6. Schools who would like to add a curriculum to appeal to those that have been traumatized, and learns the skills necessary to train these students without re-traumatization or address trauma that may be surfacing during training.
  7. Schools who want to learn techniques that can be added to existing curriculums that will increasingly retain upper level students and heal the trauma naturally accumulated through training.

Why it is needed

Incorporating Shamanic tools into self defense training allows us to move through challenges and fears more easily, quickly and gracefully than we otherwise may have been able to. Luminous Warrior brings healing work into self defense training because it helps us to step through our own fears without feeling as if we are becoming bullies or victims ourselves. It helps us realize where our blocks are in life, and then apply efee give and simple tools to heal and transform them. Through this process of transformation, we know that we can step through fears and challenges generally in life; we know we can heal our past and claim the gifts that lie hidden in our trauma; and we learn that true self empowerment is possible. In short, we learn tools that we can access not only in training –they are practical skills for our everyday life.

Luminous Warrior Instructor Testimonial from Sara Salam on Vimeo.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Sara in Krav Maga and Fit to Fight and have found her to be extremely motivated and dedicated to her craft and to improving the lives of others.…I would highly recommend training with Sara, if you are afforded the opportunity.”

Ryan Hoover, 2nd Degree Krav Maga Black Belt, Co-founder of Fit to Fight

By adding Luminous Warrior skills to the repertoire, we learn the skills of self defense without feeling as if we are victims of our circumstance. As a result, we apply the skills of physical self defense from a place of compassion for ourselves and others, inotepad of fear or anger.

When we encounter a challenge in training, we will begin to understand why it’s there, how it resembles patterns in our own life. The skills we have learned then help us to heal and transform the challenges, rather than feeling guilty about them or inadequate to solve them. Once we know that we can move through them in training, we develop the confidence to be able to move through challenges in life as well.

Luminous Warrior Student Testimonials from Sara Salam on Vimeo.

“I was able to overcome my fears!
Amazing, life-changing…
I discovered a power in me that I didn’t know existed.
Luminous Warrior is the best self-defense class I have ever taken.”

Healing and transformation tools are a part of self defense skills. By learning how to heal, transform and empower ourselves, we will not walk into circumstances, relationships or scenarios that resemble our fears in everyday life. However, if we leave training traumatized or feeling more afraid about potentialities of attacks, fears are more likely to manifest in our life as well.

So how do we train without increasing trauma, anger, and the manifestation of our fears? It is a subtle yet profound change in the impact self defense training has on us or those we serve. And this shift literally transforms lives. However, in worst case scenarios, we still have our self defense skills to fall back on. When we have to, we then will engage them from a place of clarity, compassion and service to ourselves and others. We return to the original intention: “So one may walk in peace.” –Imi Lichtenfeld, Founder of Krav Maga

“Sara is an outstanding instructor…I have seen students come out of her Luminous Warrior Program more secure and confident in their abilities to face their fears in any and all aspects of their lives…Sara’s Luminous Warrior program works.”

Chris Torres, Chief Instructor & Krav Maga Black Belt


Humanity living in harmonious relationship with all of life.


Activate our full potential, see healed possibilities, experience and manifest miracles, and live authentically aligned with our hearts.


Create communities that are safe, healed and thriving.


Heal, transform and empower lives.


Authenticity – Aligning yourself with and living from your heart

Integrity – Being true to your healed potential and congruent in your vision and action

Personal Power – Acknowledging your ability to change your life experience from within, regardless of circumstance and without the need to control others

Responsibility – Taking action from a place of wisdom that what you do, think and feel affects many generations to come, and accepting the consequences of your choices

Respect – Stepping beyond having to be right/wrong/good/bad and instead consciously choosing for yourself and allowing others to do the same for themselves

Ayni – Living in reciprocal, harmonious and nurturing relationship with all aspects of nature